Friday, September 9, 2016

How to get students to show their work without being prompted?

     This is by far a very difficult task. They just don't want to show their work.  You would think they would be tired of my broken record of telling them to show their work that they would do it.  But they continue to just write a number not even with a label.
     Any suggestions on techniques that are successful are very much encouraged and appreciated!


  1. This week I taught my students "The Problem Solving Strategy Song" It goes with the Addam's Family tune. It was perfect!! I I found it on Pinterest. I wrote a story problem on the board and we sang each line of the song and labeled the problem. By the end, we had used all of the strategies, solved the problem and learned the words to the song. It was so fun for my students. I hope this will help them to remember to use their problem solving strategies. :) Singing, music and movements or signals has helped me teach my students to remember to use strategies and show their work. Happy singing!

    1. How fun and motivating for the students. If the students enjoy it then they are more willing to use it especially with math word problems.

    2. I believe taking away answer choices forces students to put their thoughts down on the paper. That creates a habit to show your work.